Welcome to Dent1st Glenfield!

Here at Dent1st you’re our priority from the first moment you arrive. Our reception team will welcome you warmly and offer you a coffee, tea or water while you wait. We also have a range of magazines for you to read while you wait, children can play with our kids toys.

How We Start

Your first appointment will often include the “New Patient Examination”. We’ll ask you to fill out a form first which will help us assess the level of your health and any work you may have had already.

Our New Patient Examination includes the following:

A full examination from one of our experienced and caring dentists. - A thorough dental exmaination is carried out which includes a gum check and a full mouth/teeth check.

Full mouth digital photographs and assessment. - We take full mouth digital photographs is it gives us a much better understanding of your teeth & gum health. Many patients have never had digital photos taken of their mouth, so they also provide us with a way of showing you what is going on AND set a baseline from which we can improve upon, if necessary.

2 Bitewing x-rays -  Bitewing x-rays show the upper and lower back teeth in a single view. These x-rays are used to check for decay between the teeth and to show how well the upper and lower teeth line up. They also show bone loss when severe gum disease or a dental infection is present.

A Panoramic x-ray -    Panoramic x-rays show a broad view of the jaws, teeth, sinuses, nasal area, and temporomandibular (jaw) joints. These x-rays can potentially show problems such as impacted teeth, bone abnormalities, cysts, solid growths (tumors), infections, and fractures.

Plus a 60 minute hygiene appointment with our hygienist. -    This includes a routine clean. This includes removal of hard and soft deposits above the gum-line and between the teeth using an ultra sonic scaler, hand instruments and then touch free Prophyflex.

A “routine” clean is not for the treatment of periodontitis (gum disease), if we feel that you need further treatment, subsequent cleans may be scheduled at a different, quoted cost.

Our goal is to make our patients as comfortable as possible while using our state of the art facilities.

"As you can see our “New Patient Examination” is in depth. This is because we want to we want to give you a truly unique experience."