Free Dental For Kids & Teens All students from year 9 until they are 17 years old are eligible to receive free basic dental treatments.

These services include:

  • Examinations Radiographs (if required)
  • Scaling and polishing         
  • Root canal fillings
  • Extractions (but not orthodontic extractions)
  • Oral health education and encouragement to continue good oral health Restorative treatment

Commonly Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the Free Dental For Kids & Teens?

They qualify from Year Nine until their 18th birthday. This includes whether they are studying or they are working - they are eligible. Parents can often be unaware of this. It’s important to make sure your children take advantage of this and get them in the habit of visiting the dentists for preventive measures.

How often can my child visit the dentist for free?

New Zealand children and teens are allowed on free check up per calendar year. If they have issues with their teeth such as pain, they are allowed to make another free appoint during which the tooth will be evaluated.

What is involved?

Generally a dental therapist carries out the examinations, she takes the records (x-rays photos) and does any necessary hygiene treatments. The dentist oversees patient, by attending to do the dental examination.

If any treatment is required beyond simple surface restorations, then this is booked with the dentist.

What happens if my child is 18?

Unfortunately when your child turns 18 they are no longer eligible for free dental treatment.

If your child is in pain we can treat them for FREE* 

*Child must be a NZ resident, Must have tried to be seen at the school dental nurse prior to contacting us.