“Implant and reconstructive dentistry - our experienced practitioners can give you advice on various advanced procedures to give you back the teeth you have lost.”

This Dental Procedure Helps Replace Your Missing Teeth Permanently

If you're missing a tooth, or a few teeth and you're not keen on dentures - there's a procedure that offers a solution to this.... Reconstructive dentistry is the practice of smile reconstruction.

Sometimes, when multiple teeth have deteriorated beyond what simple fillings can restore, your dentist will have to look at reconstructive options to give you back your smile, AND your bite.

Materials such as gold alloy, zirconia, porcelain and titanium are then used by your dentist to restore, reinforce or even replace badly damaged teeth.

Reconstructive dentistry is a complex series of steps, and must be planned and executed accurately for a good looking and long lasting solution for your dental problems.

Common Procedures Include

1. Partial smile reconstruction, whereby only the upper 6-8 front teeth are worked on.

2. Partial bite reconstruction, restoration, reinforcement and/or replacement of important molars and premolars, for the purposes of reconstructing a lost bite.

3. Full mouth rehabilitation, this usually involves 16 or more teeth; and results in many weeks of complex dental work, resulting in a complete reconstruction of your smile and bite.

These procedures may include minor surgery - procedures such as implant placement, bone and soft tissue grafting, and laser soft tissue moulding.

Gum treatment is also an important aspect of reconstructive dentistry, as your dentist will need sound gums and soft tissue to work off in creating your new smile.


  1. Stops the shifting or movement of the teeth adjacent to a missing tooth
  2. Gives back your natural biting and chewing capabilities
  3. It can provide a lifelong replacement of a tooth
  4. We can replace one or several teeth all at once
  5. They improve the health and integrity of your jaw
  6. Lost teeth can lead to a less full facial profile. Implants can prevent this

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of your procedure depends on what your needs are. A single tooth implant plus crown starts at around $6,000.

Financing is available through GEM VISA and we have a 6 month interest FREE option available.* Conditions Apply

We also accept Q Card, FARMERS Card, and AMEX.

The Next Step

The next step is to schedule a free consultation at our Glenfield Practice. Here you can enjoy a relaxing, no pressure atmosphere environment where you can ask questions and get the information you need to make a decision.